Looking for Aluminium slat fencing & gates in Perth? Then you are at the right place, The Fence King provides Aluminium slat fencing Perth wide. If you are searching for a fence to fit your lifestyle, The Fence King might have the answer to your questions. The aluminium slat fencing in Perth that we offer not only looks great in the landscape but is also available in a wide variety of designs and colours. Our fences do not rust in the harsh weather conditions, and with our unique design, these gates and fences can easily handle a slope like a pro. The aluminium slat installation process is easy, and it will help you save your effort and time.

As a matter of fact, Aluminium Slat fencing & gates Perth is an excellent choice for people who want to seriously boost the curb appeal of their house.

Why Install Aluminium Slat Fence & Gates in Perth?

Factors such as privacy, sleek and sophisticated appearance, and almost no maintenance makes this Aluminium slats fencing in Perth a great choice for nearly every house.

Wooden screens can debase rapidly in the Australian warmth and sun, however, aluminium support fencing faces the climatic conditions with beauty. Customisable to address the issues of your particular undertaking, you have the decision of buying louvres that can stay fixed or movable or vertical aluminium slat fencing Perth. It is moderately easy to make changes to the fencing so as to pick up committee endorsement and meet prerequisites. The individuals who get exhausted effectively will appreciate the capacity to rework their louvres to make various searches for various events. There is a huge number of shading alternatives, so getting the look you need is simple on Aluminium Slat Gates Perth. Fencing is covered with a consumption safe treatment to guarantee an enduring wall. On the off chance that the majority of this sounds like what you are searching for, begin hunting down the correct fencing organization to carry out the responsibility. Pose inquiries and do free research so as to observe which organization and item are directly for your task of fixing aluminium slat gates in Perth.

Aluminium Slat Fence & Gate Installation Process Explained 


  • Mark out each finish of the fence line, join a string (guaranteeing that it is steadfast with no list) and utilizing the board length, mark the situation of your posts on the ground. A general guide for your post openings measure is 600mm profound x 200mm wide to give your fence a lot of help.

On the off chance that the region is unsteady because of fill, it’s suggested that you expand the profundity of your opening and length of your post to achieve normal ground to abstain from sinking.

  • It’s ideal to begin the process of installation with your entryway, that way you can work around the entryway and choose the position and width of where you might want your boards.
  • Using a soul level and the string line to guarantee it’s straight and level, stand your entryway post in the opening, what’s more, concrete the post in, ensuring you permit approx. 25mm over the board and 50mm underneath.
  • Repeat this progression again with the second entryway post, ensuring that your between post estimations coordinates that of what you have requested (allude to your administrative work for the between post-estimation).
  • You are presently ready to start cementing the rest of the posts for the rest of the boards. Starting with the board nearest to the entryway, begin cementing in your posts one at a time. It’s ideal to permit your posts to set medium-term before fittings door and fence boards


Right off the bat choose which way you need your door to swing. Join a line from one end of the entryway to the other. Set it at wanted statures (we suggest setting the string line to around 50ml over the tallness of your entryway so you will have a 50mm space underneath your door eg. In the event that your doors and boards are 1200mm high, the string line will be set at 1250mm high – yet it is individual taste)

  • Position your pivots to the back of the entryway outline, 1 pivot 100mm from the highest point of the entryway and the other pivot 100mm up from the base of the entryway. To screw pivots to the entryway, hold the door in an upstanding position so it is at the wanted stature over the ground level (you may need to pack under your door to help you to hold it in place). Spot one Tek sink the top opening of both top and base pivots (you would prefer not to penetrate in all Tek sinks case you need to change the door to make level). Watch that your entryway swings easily and is level and in case you are glad about the position to proceed to drill in the remaining Teks.

Aluminium Slat Fencing installation Cost or Price per metre in Perth

Aluminium Slat Fencing in Perth can cost $75 – $1200 per metre depending on the materials you choose. The factors which influence the price of cheap slat fencing Perth include fence materials used, the height of the fence as there are 5 standard heights:  0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m. Soil type and land contours and the amount or length of materials required. If painting or staining of timber fencing is required and what type of foundations are required for supports are also some of the reasons to get aluminium slat fencing in Perth WA.

Standard height 1800mm, 65mm slats and 12mm gabs between slats.

Fully lockable and self-closing hinges. (Any colour or 4 wood grain colours, see below)

From $800 Fully Installed!  (Up to 800mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $900 Fully Installed!  (Up to 1000mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $1000 Fully Installed!  (Up to 1200mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $1200 Fully Installed!  (Up to 1400mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $1400 Fully Installed!  (Up to 1800mm Wide X 1800mm High)

Gate Infill Panels from $200 Fully Installed!

*All Gates come standard with 50×50, 65×65 or 90×90 posts depending on the gate size, hd self-closing hinges, double-sided key lock and matching handle. *Over $295 worth of FREE value.

Why Choose us for Aluminium Slat Fence & Gate Installation in Perth?

Our company carry liability insurance. This acts as protection from liability in the event that our product or service results in harm or injury. We are also in this business for a long time and no one can understand your needs better than us. If you choose us, in years to come, you will be glad you did.

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Fencing is very important for a household. There are standards that govern the construction such as materials, height and location. Therefore, in order to avoid it getting a bit tricky, it is better to hire professional aluminium slat fencing and gate contractors in Perth. To ensure your aluminium slat fence and gate installation is great we recommend you to contact our professional aluminium slat fence and gate installing contractors as we follow all the relevant laws in your area and also have great designs, colours and plans to choose from.