Genuine Colorbond fencing Joondalup. 1.8m high on limestone walls, 20 colours to choose from. Don’t pay extra for core drilling!

At The Fence King we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Colorbond fencing Joondalup has to offer.

From $70/LM Fully Installed!

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Genuine Colorbond Gates

Genuine Colorbond gates with standard hinges and latch. We strive to provide the strongest Colorbond gates Joondalup has to offer.

From $545 Fully Installed!

*All Gates come standard with 50×50, 65×65 or 90×90 posts depending on the gate size. Hd self closing hinges, double sided key lock and matching handle can be added for only $110. *Normally worth $295.

Get a quote online now and save $250*

Providing Colorbond Fencing Joondalup Wide

Why choose genuine Colorbond fencing for your home or business?

Looks great
Colorbond fencing looks great with its crisp, clean lines from both sides of the fence.

Wide range of colours
There are 14 Colorbond fencing colours to choose from so you’re sure to find something to complement the rest of your house — particularly features like your roof, garage door, or gutters.

Made to last
Colorbond steel fencing and gates won’t rot or be destroyed by termites. They also won’t burn. Testing by the CSIRO and the Bushfire Co-operative Council found a steel fence can help protect your property during a bushfire.

Easy to maintain
Once installed there’s very little maintenance. Keep an eye on the bottom of the fence to make sure it’s clear of soil and garden waste, and give the whole fence an occasional hose down.

Because it’s Colorbond steel, you won’t be repainting it every other year, nor will you have to nail timber palings back on.

Private and secure
With no vertical spaces for prying eyes, a Colorbond fence is a great privacy screen and secure barrier.

It’s a great choice for the environment
Colorbond fencing is a 100% recyclable material. Also, modern modular steel fencing systems create very little scrap during installation.

Manufactured by Australian owned BlueScope
BlueScope Steel guarantees the performance of fencing made from Colorbond steel with a 10 year warranty on rails, posts, and infill sheets.

Make Sure it’s Genuine Colorbond Fencing!

There are other pre-painted steel products out there that look the same, but don’t necessarily perform the same. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor who provides genuine Colorbond fencing Joondalup wide… Then The Fence King is the man for you!

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